Polaris Wi-Fi multicookers

Wi- Fi Multicooker Polaris EVO 0225

The multicooker EVO 0225 is a modern multifunctional cooking appliance of a new generation. It will help you to save place on your kitchen combining functions of oven, steamer, bread and yoghurt makers. With our milticooker you can fast and easy cook your favorite courses. 20 automatic cooking programs will give you a vast variety of cooking methods namely steam cooking and frying, stewing and roasting, slow cooking and baking, special cooking programs for soups, cereals, pasta, pilaf and pizza as also drinks.
The DIY function "Мультиповар PLUS" is specially designed for creative people. It gives you endless capabilities of cooking various courses from the simplest ones to culinary masterpieces.
You will immediately appreciate easy-to-use control panel and advantages of the delayed start and keep warm modes, which allow you to cook courses by a fixed time and keep them warm after cooking.
The multicooker PMC 0225 WiFi features the unique capability of remote controlling the appliance using mobile devices within your home network. That promoted home cooking to a brand-new level.
Download mobile application <Polaris: Recipe evolution> to work with WiFi. Our application is free and available on App Store and Google Play.

Download and install on your mobile device (powered by iOS or Android) free mobile application <POLARIS: Recipe evolution> which is available for download on Appstore or Google Play (depending on the type of the mobile device). Then just choose recipes you liked in the application on your smartphone or tablet and send them into the multicooker, place the food into the bowl and the appliance on its own will cook the course in a program according to the recipe. Share the recipe with your friends, save up to 5 favorite recipes in the s memory of the multicooker, control the cooking process using the mobile devices.

Wi- Fi Multicooker 2 in 1 Polaris EPMC 0125

  • 2 in 1: 10 automatic modes under pressure, 14 automatic modes without pressure.
  • “Multicooker Plus” program allows you to create an optimal 1 to 9 steps temperature-time mode for cooking of dishes of any complexity.
  • Ability to control multicooker via mobile app “POLARIS: WiFi multicooker".
  • Built-in memory can store up to 5 favorite recipes.
  • Up to 24 hours start delay timer – to cook meal at the set time.
  • Inner bowl with thickened walls equipped with handles and non-stick coating.
  • 2 hours program conservation in case of power failure.

The Wi-Fi multicooker 2 in 1 Polaris EPMC 0125 - is a unique product that has no analogues in the Russian market.

24 automatic modes (10 with pressure and 14 modes withiout pressure) give you wide opportunities for cooking a wide variety of dishes. A special feature of this multicooker is remote control via mobile app “POLARIS: WiFi multicooker" on your smartphone or tablet supported by Android and IOS (iPhone, iPad). You can save up to 5 favorite recipes in multicookers memory.

A unique program “Multicooker plus” allows you to create an optimal 1 to 9 steps time-temperature mode for cooking of dishes of any complexity. Removable 5-liter bowl with thick walls with non-stick Daikin coating. For your safety the bowl is equipped with comfortable handles. Up to 24 hours start delay timer allows preparing meal at the set time. Multicooker Polaris EPMC 0125 has 12 levels of protection, which makes it completely safe to use.